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All my career, I have deliberately and consistently worked across the public, private and third sectors and in areas from health, transport and social care to smart homes, finance and retail.

This blog focuses on reflections from my work in academia, the discipline of service design and on my passion for social innovation. To see a portfolio of the full breadth of my work, please get in touch. To see a more detailed career description than my summary biography below, click here.



Steve Lee is a service design and innovation consultant based in London, with 15 years of experience in the USA, Europe and South America.

He works across the public, private and third sectors, helping organisations to understand and enrich people’s lives, humanise systems and services, elevate experiences and empower people.

He has worked with organisations ranging from the BBC and NHS, Nesta, UnitedHealth, Fedex, IKEA and also teaches postgraduate service design, social enterprise and innovation at the Royal College of Art and University of London.

He keeps a blog at steveleedesign.net, loves running with GoodGym.org and dislikes writing about himself in the third person.