Technology Moves Too Fast to Care About

As part of Ziba’s holiday gift to clients and friends, twelve blog articles with corresponding video summaries were sent out, and would only be released to the public as each month of the year passed. I am Mr. July.

My part was a slightly rushed, off-the-cuff, hadn’t shaved in four days (excuses, excuses) description of how we have shifted our focus from the features and technology itself of the objects that surround us, towards the outcome and benefit that things provide.

With the example of a car sharing scheme, the technology and bells and whistles that go into making a car special are far less important to users, because amongst other things, they don’t own it, may not notice it in one trip and they can choose a different one next time. The technology that is important is somewhat hidden, but it is the organization of the system around the user and the digital and human service platforms and principles that make the design and delivery of the service feel fluid and satisfying.