interview: the future of design education

Computer Arts magazine invited me to a ’round table to discuss the future of UK design education’, which can be found published in this month’s edition. It drew an interesting and prominent crowd who were passionate about the state of education in the UK and offered some great insights into their experiences of design students, internships and also some shared their knowledge of being tutors at various universities.

The debate was interesting, but was not the heavier discussion into the future of design education I had expected, and the resultant article was so truncated, misquoted and condensed so as to offer little in the way of advice for the industry. It did however reveal some valuable lessons and things to bear in mind for students and recent graduates trying to establish their work, skills and thinking in the design industry.

Elspeth Belden wrote a similar article for Neoco, the studio she works at, commenting on the mis-quoting and even derogatory way she was represented. Myself, I just thought I was made to sound like a bit of a prat trying to sell out the UK’s world-leading creative educational system to corporations. Eesh.