Building Schools for the Future

Building Schools for the Future is the largest government building project in over 50 years and is investing around £70bn to rebuild or refurbish every primary and secondary school in the UK.

However, the results of the early builds are disappointing – in fact, the vast majority were declared ‘average to poor’ by their own BSF criteria.

Engine created OurNewSchool in response to Dott 07’s challenge to use design to make the North East a sustainable region. It was also established to help discover best practice and how a co-creative design approach can help improve the BSF process, resulting in better buildings that are fit for purpose, that have been built around the social system of a school and the activities that have to take place inside.

Engine worked with a prototype school, Walker Technology College in Newcastle, through the BSF process applying service design thinking and methodologies. OurNewSchool/walker was set up as a key touchpoint between the designers and all other stakeholders, from teachers, students, parents and the wider community. The project was exhibited as part of the Dott 07 festival.

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