Speaking at Reboot Democracy Conference, Portland Oregon

This weekend I brought some of the thinking from the recent GOOD Ideas for Cities project to a workshop I presented alongside Weiden & Kennedy’s Global Director of Tomorrow (very cool title), Nick Barham at this year’s Reboot Democracy Conference.

I introduced a Service Design 101 and helped define the terms of service design, existing case studies and it’s further potential to transform cities and how citizens live in them for the better.

The purpose of the conference is to agitate and push participants inside and outside of government to ask bigger, better questions and be exposed to new ways of thinking and doing that can advance how our government services and society works.

Interesting questions were fielded, joke slides were thrown in to punctuate heavy messages with some comic relief, and much ice water was gulped (Oregon Summer, how could you be here so early??).

Also check out the organizers – The BUS Project have thousands of volunteers in their Oregon chapter alone, and focus on raising awareness of political issues, rights and encouraging people to use their vote.

Service Design 101 opening Slide