interview: the future of design education

Computer Arts magazine gathered a round table of practitioners and academics to discuss the future of UK design education for an article that can be found in this month’s printed edition.

Our provocation was ‘What’s the value of a design degree?’

All of us assembled were passionate about the current state of education in the UK: Where the various design disciplines are headed and how design is being understood and deployed by wider communities including business and government.

Stories were shared on experiences starting out as interns and juniors, needs and expectations as creative directors. Those of us who also teach described the value of also being a practitioner and the symbiotic relationship between the demand side of the design industry and the supply from courses, tutors and universities.

Elspeth Belden wrote a piece for design studio Neoco to articulate her insights from the interview and resulting article. This was in part reacting to the editorial choices made by Computer Arts magazine, which leaned away from insights and quotes from the younger interviewees in favour of more experienced panel members. Yes, the more established and big hitters have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, but there is great value in young people reading the magazine and seeing people like them, just a couple of years further down the line, and being inspired that they can make it too.

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